Let's Talk About Flexicalymene Meeki Trilobites!

    Oh my Gosh! Look at this my fellow Rock Hounds! We have a new
Ordovician period fossil that is used across the world as an 
index fossil. Though not rare these are still very cool to look at and to collect. What is this curious little creature from the past you ask? It's Flexicalymene Meeki a 
suborder of  Calymenina order!
    These fascinating creature first started crawling around during the Cambrian Explosion Event. They were around for so long that it was sometimes called the Trilobite Zone and they could be used to date other surrounding fossils. these guys even got to witness the Permian–Triassic extinction event!
    After all is said and done these little guys are a great piece of Earth history and a great conversation starter. They make a great gift and are just plain cool! Take yours home today!

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