Let's Talk About Fordite!

    As of late we have gotten our hands on a fairly cool and rare material. John the owner said he can't wait to cut a piece of the awesome material. What is this interesting material you ask? It's called Fordite!
    Fordite, also known as Detroit agate or Motor City agate, is composed of old automotive paint which has hardened enough to be cut and polished. It's formed by the buildup of layers of paint enamel on tracks and skids. On these skids the cars at the time would be hand spray painted. This is a now an automated process so Fordite is no longer produced as a byproduct. These tracks and skids would then be baked multiple times hardening the enamel forming the Fordite over time.
    This material is also very sought after and collectable as there is a finite amount, get your own today from our shop!

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